#2 A Sustainable City

Today’s guest on Sustainable: The Podcast is Alastair Brown, Chief Resilience Officer of Glasgow and Head of Sustainability and Environment at Glasgow City Council.

At the start of the show Alastair shares a bit about the history of Glasgow from a powerhouse at the heart of the Industrial Revolution to a city in decline by the 1970’s with high unemployment, poor housing and a lot of anti-social behaviour and how things have changed since then.

Did you know that there are 94 city parks in Glasgow and that there are more renewable energy jobs in Glasgow than in the rest of Scotland?

Glasgow participates in a number of international networks on resilience and sustainability. Something Alastair didn’t appreciate until joining these networks is that within Glasgow there’s a lot of connection between different sectors and industries whereby everyone pulls together for the benefit of the city.

Alastair says that while this can be a challenge it is also key to creating a sustainable city.

He also shares a deeper meaning of resilience that goes beyond climate change to the heart of what sustainability really means and how being part of the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 100 resilient cities has helped develop this.

You’ll also discover what the biggest resilience challenge for cities today is and how having a career in sustainability impacts Alastair’s daily life.

Alastair shares that why building a business case for sustainability can get others on board far quicker than saying it’s just about saving the planet before reinforcing the key points any city or business needs to focus on to create a sustainable and resilient city or business.

Alastair most admires:

The environmental movement

Alastair’s favourite resource:

Partnerships with others

We are all in this together.Alastair Brown

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