#5 Managing the Transition

Today’s guest on Sustainable is Andrew Cort, the current Chairman of Greenshoots, a Scottish charity set up to mitigate help local communities reduce their carbon emissions.

Andrew starts the show by explaining the FTC Technologies, the company behind the inception of Greenshoots, has an active employee engagement program and that the charity is the result of an employee suggestion as one of the ways in which the company could promote sustainability.

In 2008, a small committee was created to develop the idea. Funding projects began in 2010 even though the charity wasn’t registered officially until 2012.

The projects are conducted in central Scotland and eastern central Scotland. Andrew then goes to to explain some of the successes of the projects.

Andrew notes that our generation will be known as the carbon generation and highlights that there are complex compounds present in oil that are currently used within much of our daily life. We need to do all we can to maximize our use of this for as long as possible as we transition to another source of energy.

We have a strong responsibility to look after this environment, which we share, for as long as we possibly can.Andrew Cort

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