#3 A Sustainable Farm

Today’s guest on Sustainable: The Podcast is Heather Anderson, Co-owner of Whitmuir Farm.

At the start of the show Heather explains how when they first started farming they had no previous experience and shares how the farm initially ran – which was a bit insane!

To change how the farm was run, Heather and her partner Pete engaged the local community to a huge response which gave them hope to offer a different way of farming.  This led to them creating a shop, a butchery and eventually a café to create a place for local sustainable food – all by community demand.

Heather states that creating a vision of a better world requires nerves of steel, creativity in how you generate your revenue as well as creating your own market. She also shares some great tips on how to stay true to your principles and values when things get challenging.

Discover how a support team can help you achieve your sustainability goals, how working the farm has impacted Heather’s daily life and how your environment can support you.

Heather most admires:

Pete, her partner

People mentioned in the Interview:

Triodos Bank – Ethical banking for businesses and charities and specialists in financing organic, environmental, ethical business, charities, social enterprises and social housing organisations.

There is no option but to be sustainable.Heather Anderson

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