#1 A Sustainable Business

How being sustainable can help the tour industry?

Kat Brogan is the Managing Director of Mercat Tours in Edinburgh

During the show Kat shares why it’s important that sustainability is natural – if you pardon the pun!

Kat also shares how sustainability is communicated with all staff and clients as well as how Mercat Tours has overcome some sustainability challenges and the working of Mercat Tours green team.

In the first quarter of 2016 the use of electricity droped by 23%, gas by 15% with a similar trend in water.

Kat also shares key lessons that will help make your business more sustainable and how the landscape of Edinburgh has impacted their tours.

Sustainability in the truest definition, I think, is ensuring that there’s a tomorrow for the people that you’re looking after and care for. Kat Brogan

You’ll also discover who Kat admires the most and why, along with the most important resource that helps Mercat Tours become more sustainable and what the key benefits of being a sustainable company for Mercat Tours are.

People Mentioned in the Interview:

Changeworks – One of Scotland’s largest environmental charities that works with organisations, communities and individuals to deliver practical solutions that reduce carbon emissions, fuel poverty and waste.

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