#15 Successful Sustainability

Today’s guest on Sustainable is Adam Davies, Operations and Quality Manager at Hickory.

Adam shares how joining the Green Tourism Business Scheme was the key to successfully improving their sustainability credentials and communicating what they were doing to employees and clients.

Their campaign was spearheaded by a student on a three-month placement who was instrumental in getting Hickory to where they are now.

Hickory set up a green committee with representatives from all departments involved and it was their responsibility to get the sustainability message out there.

It’s brilliant doing [sustainability] but you’ve got to let people know what you’re doing.
Adam Davies

The community was also involved as Hickory organised a beach clean-up and invited school children to come and join them.

Their suppliers were brought on board by going out to visit them and explaining what was happening.  As a result, they’ve become more committed to sustainability and there is now a long-term commitment to working together.  This was an unexpected benefit for Hickory.

They got fantastic feedback from the beach clean-up and the committee are looking at making this a regular event and also exploring what other community activities they can do.

One of the first pages you see on the Hickory website is a page about their commitment and vision for sustainability.

Achieving the gold Green Tourism award has seen Hickory win more clients as corporate wants to work with clients who have sustainable practices.  It’s key to let people know what you’ve done.

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