#14 Sustainable Food

Today’s guest on Sustainable: The Podcast is Alison Stone, Consultant at 3 minutes to midnight.

Alison starts the show by explaining how she’s tweaked the traditional model of triple bottom line accounting (economic, social, environment) to sourcing, society and environment as this is more relevant for the food industry.

Sourcing is about buying local and seasonal produce from environmentally positive farmers and also sustainable fish.

Society is about treating people well through paying decent wages and paying suppliers on time along with clearly articulating sourcing through marketing in an honest and transparent way.

By 2050 the world will have a population of 9.6 billion and it’s really, really important that we adopt sustainable principles to make sure that we can actually feed those people.Alison Stone

Environment is about considering what happens down the supply chain and only buying from responsible suppliers as well as waste management, water and energy saving and recycling.

Alison encourages organisations to not be afraid to try when it comes to sustainability and highlights how the smallest changes can make a big difference. She reminds us that when people see results it encourages them to do more and the best are to start is by hooking into something people already know and understand.

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