#10 In Harmony with Nature

Today’s guest on Sustainable: The Podcast is Eilidh Brunton, Group Recycling Consultant from Vegware.

Eilidh starts the show by explaining why Vegware offers a way to create zero waste within the food industry. They create catering products made from the plants. This allows the packaging to be recycled into compost and help create more plants.

Not only does Vegware offer this solution but they also help their clients recycle their products and communicate their new recyclable solution.

Vegware’s business model is another great example of the circular economy, which Jon Molyneux talked about in Episode 7.

Vegware also give a portion of their profits every month to their community fund, which supports grassroots sustainability projects in both the UK and globally.

Their clients range from small cafés and independent food providers to big caterers, universities and hospitals.

Learn how Eilidh’s interest in sustainability led her to the career she has now.

Eilidh most admires:

Carla Castagnaro

Eilidh’s favourite resource:

Food Waste Network


If we carry on living out with our means it will be the Earth that remains and regenerates and actually not humanity.Eilidh Brunton

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