#13 Join the Movement

Today’s guests on Sustainable: The Podcast are Lucy Crockert and Mathilda Heyman from Bright Green Business.

Lucy starts the show by reminding us that sustainability is a topic people are passionate about and networks are a way of bring like-minded businesses together to share opinions, advice and encourage more environmental sustainability.

Too often small businesses feel like they don’t have a voice and that their sustainability efforts are too small for them to share their sustainability story. Becoming part of a network allows you to be part of something more.

Mathilda then shares that the knowledge, drive, passion and enthusiasm that comes from students and graduates makes them ideal to work within your organisation and help develop environmental sustainability. This is something that Bright Green Business offers organisations – both big and small!

Bright Green Business offers a more affordable option to businesses looking to gain environmental accreditation than the European ISO. Instead they offer the BS 8555 under their Green Tick Scheme which focuses on implementing step-by-step processes with a focus on measuring and reporting. This scheme is more appropriate to smaller, local businesses.

Also, discover what qualities Lucy admires, how a career in sustainability means Lucy can’t help but tell people about it wherever she goes and why people are the most important sustainability resource you can have.

Discover why Mathilda has a job in an area she’s always cared about.

Lastly we finish the interview by talking about the importance of educating children on sustainability so that sustainable behaviour becomes their norm in the future.

Lucy most admires:

Richard Branson

Mathilda most admires:

Her friend Nicole

Mathilda’s favourite resource:

Community engagements

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