#9 Clean, Green Biofuel

Today’s guest on Sustainable: The Podcast is Mark Simmers, Co-founder and CEO of Celtic Renewables.

Starting the show Mark explains how Celtic Renewables takes low value biological residues, in this case from whisky, and converts it into a high-value fuel. Everything in the process, which uses process technology developed at Napier University is either sold or used meaning that there’s no waste.

It’s a great example of the circular economy, which Jon Molyneux talked about in Episode 7, and has great commercial, social and environmental benefits.

They are in the process of building their first production plant, which is also designed in an energy efficient way to use a renewable energy source adjacent to where the plant will be built.

Mark also mentions that as a small business it’s critical to have support and advice from others, to be realistic with your goals and stay determined and focused.

Find out  how Mark has made his own life more sustainable and the three key resources he recommends for anyone looking to either create new green technology or implement sustainable practices in their business.

Mark most admires:

Jim McColl, Sir Bill Gammell and Tom Hunter

People Mentioned in the Interview:

Scottish Enterprise – Working with partners in the public and private sectors to identify and exploit the best opportunities to deliver a significant, lasting effect on the Scottish economy

Scottish Government

Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK Government

Department of Transport, UK Government

Bio Base Europe – An open innovation centre for the development of bio-based products and processes

Sälzer – Leading Company in development and production of disconnect and rotary cam switches.

Sunamp Ltd – Renewable energy storage for hot water and heating

You have to be smart in the way you build resources around you.Mark Simmers

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