#16 Sustainable Super Oil

Today’s guest on Sustainable is Lynn Mann, Co-founder of Supernature Rapeseed Oil.

Starting the show Lynn explains that not only does her family live on the farm but they produce all aspects of the oil here too. The land surrounds the farm and the land and its micro climate affect the taste of the oil.

It’s a tenanted family farm that is in its fifth generation. Part of the tradition of the family is to care for the land alongside working on it.

They don’t grow rapeseed in the same field more than once every four years and test soil to ensure its balances. The fields are ploughed at a certain time so that the frost gets into the soil and helps it.

When marketing the oil Lynn focuses on sharing the story of the farm and the soil.

Find out why creating a sustainability story is so important and how mindfulness helps Lynn in her business.

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