#17 Sustainable Buildings

Today’s guest on Sustainable is Mark Henderson, co-founder of Eco-living.

Mark starts the show by sharing that when making a building more sustainable the key is to find the most appropriate solution or it.

Every building is different and the needs of the building, its fabric, heat loss, energy requirements, the use of the building, what the customer wants and what the surrounding environment is like all needs to be taken into consideration.

There are five levels to assess:
1. Air movement
2. Insulation
3. Mechanical Aspects
4. Behaviour of people using building
5. Renewables

Mark highlights how it’s not necessarily a big investment to make a building more sustainable. For example, an average house uses £80 a year to keep devices on standby when they are not in use.

He also advocates a move from centralised energy systems to distributed so that energy systems can be deal with on a community level.

Mark reminds us that we can learn a lot from other countries and cultures about sustainability.

Sweden doesn’t have its own oil so when there was a crisis in the 1970’s it developed alternative heating solutions and has a range of great products that are well-developed and can be used in Scotland.

Sweden also uses a lot of district heating systems that are provided by smaller heating provider, usually owned by the local authorities.

Mark most admires:

Anyone who follows their heart

Mark’s favourite resource:

Lateral thinking

Mark’s Award Winning Photo

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