# 18 Working with Nature

Today’s guest is Paul Adderley, Managing Director of Beyond Green

Paul starts the show by saying that Sustainability is a change process on an individual level as well as a business level. He embeds sustainability into the core of his business to understand and have empathy for his clients and their challenges.

It’s also about authenticity and being able to live his values 24/7 so that he can give better advice to other companies.

His grandfather taught him to see nature as a support system and Paul believes that coming from this perspective allows businesses and communities to flourish – economically, socially and spiritually.

Small businesses have limited time to focus on being sustainable when people in the company have to juggle family and leisure time.Working in a team can help overcome this.

Paul notes how communicating sustainability is really tough and can be complex on so many different levels. It can be overwhelming to understand what it means, how to make an impact and create change in a way that’s not overwhelming.

He prefers not to define sustainability, highlighting that there are 300+ definitions of the word, as defining it can reduce buy-in as some people miss the things that aren’t included in the definition.

Paul recommends getting out into nature, through a walk in park or a garden as a way of reconnecting yourself with the ecosystem. Just ten minutes of your brain unwinding and tuning into the environment can help with problem solving, creativity and innovation.

His advice for organisations who are overwhelmed trying to implement sustainability practices is to start by measuring something that is relevant to your business and has a cost saving. Once you have a tangible result use that to get other staff members involved and promote your sustainability story.

Paul most admires:

His grandfather and Nelson Mandela

Paul’s favourite resource:

The people in your organisation

It’s not about conquering nature – it’s about working with it.Paul Adderley

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