#23 Sustainable Business with a Nature-Centred Approach

What is nature-centred all about?

This episode was made on the request of our listeners who wanted to know more about the nature-centred process that EarthSelf follows.

Values Driven

A nature-centred approach is values driven.

There has to be a strong desire within both the organisation and its team to conduct business in a way that is in harmony with how nature works.

It has to come from a set of core beliefs which belong to the inner nature of both the individuals in the organisation and the organisation itself.

A nature-centred approach to sustainability is for organisations with a strong commitment to sustainability, who are already taking action.

Engage Everyone

We ensure C-level executives ensure they fully understand what a nature-centred approach can do for both them and their organisation.

We help C-level executives identify areas of their business that are already nature-centred and the areas they can improve on.

The top down approach guarantees a greater chance of engagement with the rest of the people in the organisation.

Be Inspired by Nature

Too often, nature-centred practices have technical names which do not connect the practices to how nature works.

The circular economy is a great example of this.

A circular economy business model helps to reduce waste and reduce resources which has an impact on your business’s bottom line. It therefore helps improve the profitability of your business.  

Think About People

Organisations are made up of people.

An organisation filled with stressed, unproductive and disengaged employees is a stressed, unproductive organisation. Such an organisation is disengaged in achieving its optimal performance.

If you are wasting your organization’s time money and resources on dealing with staff absenteeism, sickness and employee turnover cost, it is dangerous in terms of today’s global uncertain climate. This eats into the organisation’s profit margin.

We work on this area and look to increase profit margins by reducing costs.

Engage with Nature

We look at how you can benefit your employees through using nature.

  • How are you using nature within the workplace?
  • Are you introducing plants and natural pictures that are helping to boost creativity and productivity?
  • Are you engaging in team activities outdoors to tap into the health benefits of being outdoors?

These are some of the questions that we focus on.

Work Like Nature

We also look at the company structure to see how the employees are involved within it. Nature works on ensuring that there are optimal benefits for all parts of the ecosystem.

Organisations should make sure that people within it are receiving the benefits. The benefits do not always have to be financial, but can come in the form of less working hours, spending time outdoors etc.

Adopting a nature-centred approach also means that organisations have the right people for the right role, and having ways to explore and address that. It is also important to ensure that the people are in the right role and are functioning at an optimal level.

Think Like Nature

A systems-thinking approach is thinking like nature. When we are considering having a systems- thinking approach to having people within their right roles, it also takes into account the culture of the organisation. This refers to going in-depth, looking at the different departments, different teams, policies and procedures and identifying how all of these works and interact with each other.


People mentioned:

Donella Meadows, author of Thinking in Systems.

Everything within the ecosystem has a niche – a purpose and a role to play. It is the same for people in an organisation.Tabi Jayne

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