#24 Sustainable Cleaning

How can cleaning agents contribute to sustainability?

Keith Harvey is the Managing Director of The Oaks Enterprises which consists of a contract cleaning business called Contract Cleans (Scotland), an import and distribution business, Airbiotics UK and The Oaks direct online shop. The Oaks Enterprises mission is to do and be the best they can to make a difference, and to be as ethical, environmentally aware, considerate and sustainable as much as, and where, possible, recognizing that from little acorns do giant oak trees grow. The Oaks Valley Enterprises is partnered with the Rainbow Valley charity and donates a percentage of it’s profits to the charity each year. Keith was brought up on a farm and now lives with his wife, two children, three dogs, a cat, some chickens, ducks and a pony in the countryside surrounded by oak trees.

If you put one grain of sand in a bucket, it does not make any difference. Put 500 grains of sand, and you will start to see an impactKeith Harvey

A Unique Cleaning Product

Airbiotics, the cleaning product, is completely environmentally friendly – it’s non GMO, non toxic, it’s allergy free and uses probiotics, the good bacteria. Airbiotics is a probiotic external bacteria for the living space – our houses, our offices and our cars. It works by introducing probiotic bacteria into the environment & creates a healthy environment.

It is a misconception that a place is clean when the bacteria is removed. People are becoming more aware that we need the good bacteria. The good bacteria is needed to promote healthy living and clean up the environment. The antibacterial cleaners usually used clean the good and bad bacteria both. However, good bacteria is needed to live healthily.

When you use an anti-bacterial cleaner you kill all the bacteria, which, along with the chemical residue, creates a protein & carbohydrate film on the surface providing an all you can eat buffet for the next lot of bacteria which comes in. Good bacteria overpowers all the bad bacteria. Airbiotics works on this principle and kills only the bad bacteria and leaves behind the good bacteria.

Keith’s introduction to Probiotics was through an email sent by a contact. Unlike the cleaning products currently used, Probiotics is completely environmental friendly. It is non GMO, non-toxic, allergy free.

Discarding Chemicals at Work and Home

The faculty of phyisicians recently released a report which stated that around fifty thousand people die each year in the UK due to the toxic environment we live in. One of the biggest contributors to that is the chemical cleaning products that we use. It is important to remove such products and start to improve health and well-being of the working and living environment. Airbiotics products can help to create this.

Airbiotics fits with an environmental policy being ethically sourced, sustainable and environmentally friendly. With cleaning products there is wash-off (by-product) which eventually ends up in the sea. Chemical cleaners cause untold damage, whereas Airbiotics is nature dealing with nature.

Importance of Ethics and Sustainability

As business grew with time, we started to look beyond the ease of doing some things and making profits. We start of thinking ways to reduce damage done to the environment. It’s one world and a fantastic place, but human beings as a species are the only ones who are continually destroying the area that they live in. This product helps Keith feel better about how he is contributing towards it.

Impact on Daily Life

Keith now slows down and takes the time to investigate and source things which are ethically made, sustainable and environment friendly. He recognizes that no one will ever be 100% ethical, environmental and sustainable in the world we live in, but aims to get as close as possible.

Nature Memory

Keith loves visiting Florida and the nature out there. One awe inspiring moment he had was being in the ocean with tens of thousands stingrays swimming around him.
However, one of the best experiences he ever had was seeing the Northern lights when walking his dogs up the farm road by his house one evening.

Keith Most Admires

Andy Murray – the tennis player
Gordon Reid – a para-tennis player
John Scott – owner of Scott Group who Keith was at school with. Scott Group is a values driven business and very ethically aware.
Rainbow Valley – the charity which The Oak Enterprises partners with, and the founders of the charity (Angela MacVicar and Lindsey MacCallum).

Keith’s Favourite Resources

The internet
Speaking to people though is his favourite as you get an emotional feeling and connection.

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