#26 Sustainability Leadership for the Future

How can the future leaders be sustainability-oriented?

Elizabeth is the current Chair of the 2050 Climate Group.  She previously held the position of Vice Chair of the group from 2014 to 2016 and was one of the founding members of the group. She currently works as a consultant focusing her work on climate change policy, strategy and public engagement.  Elizabeth is also currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Development. Prior to this Elizabeth worked for Keep Scotland Beautiful on delivering climate action in the public sector and in communities across Scotland.

Aims of the 2050 Climate Group

2050 Climate group is an organisation of young professionals working from across Scotland. They work together to educate and empower the next generation of leaders, in order to achieve a low carbon Scotland.

What is unique about 2050 Scotland is that it’s a group of around 20 volunteers who work in addition to their day jobs. They are all committed to the way they can work together to mainstream climate action and make climate change and low carbon a part of business as usual.

The main piece of work at the moment is The Young Leaders Development Programme. It is a unique training programme for individuals aged between 20 and 30. The programme couples climate change education with leadership development

The Young Leaders Development Programme was developed with the idea of future-proofing skills and perfecting the next generation to be able to deal with the challenges ahead and to achieve a low carbon economy.

Measuring Progress

2050 measures change in the impact of their young leaders in terms of what the young leaders are able to do in their society and their workplace. 2050 measures it by the stories or experiences they bring back. It is the bank of experience or qualitative data that they measure their success on.

Skills needed to prioritise Sustainability

  • Collaboration and working together.
  • To be able to count for risks, to be able to explain it properly.
  • To have open mindedness and forward thinking.
  • Willingness to challenge the status quo and look at ways of doing things differently.

Impact on Daily Life

Learning to understand how to work with and adapt to the system and how to make change happen has been the biggest impact on Elizabeth’s daily life.

Nature Memory

Every day out in nature. By switching off and going to nature,  one has more energy to come back and do more.

People mentioned in the Interview

Richard Dryburgh of Changeworks Recycling – A 2050 Climate Group Volunteer

Angelika Konko – a 2050 Climate Group Volunteer

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