Business Fights Poverty

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The issues facing our planet (and the people in it) are dizzying in size and scope. Cynics say they cannot be solved quickly or, if so, the solution does not make a dent over a wide enough area. A new species of entrepreneurs, however, are hacking a much different story. Their efforts are forcing us to alter our notion of what is possible.

Action expresses priority. Meet Zahid Torres-Rahman, the founder of Business Fights Poverty, a massive community of business pros using the power of “sprint innovation” to push herculean advances in the areas of poverty, social and environmental change. Hear the specific strategies they’ve used to leverage their network to make a measurable difference fast and far.

In this episode:

+How Zahid’s experience in Zimbabwe on a youthful gap year forced an unexpected awareness of the reality and dangers of poverty

+The childhood story which rooted his passion for creating a more inclusive, interconnected world

+Why he categorically dismisses the limiting belief that change cannot happen both swiftly and expansively

+A way to view the troubling political events in Europe, the UK and the USA as an inspiring wake-up call to take action on a social and environmental level

+How Business Fights Poverty encourages people and companies to think deeply about their core business values and how they can have a social impact.

+The big picture: why long-term goals need to be more important than short term when it comes to social change which actually matters

+Why a business giving away 1% to charity doesn’t impress him

+Sprint Innovation: what it is, how to do it, and it achieves the seemingly impossible

“We try and work with companies and with our broader community to take these big complex SDGs, identify a specific issue and then work purposefully with a group to try and make some sort of progress against that issue.”Zahid Torres-Rahman
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