#40 Doing Business Differently

Meet Eileen Vincett, London-based entrepreneur and fashion industry veteran.

Deeply inspired by the “start something that matters” movement popularised by Toms, Eileen left a fabulous, though conventional business career to pursue a project with a more sustainable vision.

Looking beyond the “1-for-1” model, when one of her sleek, minimalist baby bags are purchased, another bag is simply not given away; rather, part of an entire school is built in a developing country. Hear Eileen speak frankly about Land of Ed, her upstart social business, pregnant with the mission to make a dent in the world’s shaky education system.

In this episode:

+ Why travel is necessary to drop our assumptions about the state of the world.

+ How Land of Ed was born.

+ The real reason why aspiring social entrepreneurs should do proper homework about what their chosen “cause” should be.

+ Don’t sprint: why treating a business like a marathon matters more.

+ The many, many lines of business: going beyond the bottom line.

+ No longer “hippy”: how sustainable business is going mainstream

+ The new paradigm of profit? How Land of Ed and other social brands are leading the way toward meaningful impact and really good profit

“From a consumer level and as an individual, I think it’s good to do whatever you can in your day to day consuming to make sure you’re making a good impact on the world. And I think as a business, why shouldn’t we follow those same rules?”Eileen Vincett

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