Sustainable Podcast Anna Sexton on Creativity and Sustainability

Creativity and Sustainability

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It can be a healthy challenge to apply the creativity in our personal lives to our work lives. How do we translate the things that we’re passionate about into fun productivity? Discovering ways to do that while fostering progress, without suffering from burnout, and all with a sustainable eye can be an often colossal task.

Anna Sexton, founder of Open To Create, demystifies creativity and boldly ushers its potential into the often serious world of business and leadership with unique motivation and team building methods. She talks candidly about what inspires here, how to tackle global issues, and the equal importance of taking care of oneself with a simple, long walk.

In this episode:

+ Anna’s perspective on the relationship between creativity and sustainability

+ How creativity can reduce the exhaustion of “wearing too many hats” in and out of the workplace

+ Some lively banter on aligning common business concepts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

+How Open To Create didn’t wait for their B-Corp approval to start getting their hands dirty on issues that matter

+ Escaping the city with the Ignite Your Creativity retreat

+ A favorite memory which sparked a belief that “fun in nature” is an essential aspect of creativity

“The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not ideals, they’re actual practical things that people can put into place in their businesses. It gives us a framework to ask really good questions about what we do and how we do it. ”Anna Sexton
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