#45 Modelling a Nature-Centred Business

Inspiration for a sustainable business can come from companies of all shapes and sizes, producing anything from smartphones to fruit juice. When you integrate sustainability, connection and non-hierarchal management processes, it’s possible to end up with a vibrant, engaged and wildly successful company. Everyone involved will not only be productive but happy to achieve business goals.

Sofia Demeyer is an example of this in action. She is one of the founders of Opaline, a producer of all natural, locally sourced fruit juices in the south of Switzerland. They pride themselves on their connection to the local cultural heritage as well as open, direct communication with everyone involved in the process. From farmers to retailers, Opaline is disrupting how a company is expected to operate.

In this episode:

+ Learn how Sofia feels about the close relationship she has with everyone involved in Opaline.

+ Why a more conscious orientated business model is vital to success.

+ Creating more sustainable economy by using things often overlooked in the everyday.

+ What a B-Corp is and why it’s indispensable for sustainability.

+ How changing your business model can reflect positively in your personal life.

+ Sofia reveals an adventure which helped her realize the power of natural experiences.

+ Why connecting to your heart can affect all aspects of life and work.

“A company is a true eco-system, in the sense that there are no higher people or lower people because everybody is essential to the balance of your eco-system. And if everybody cares for the eco-system, the eco-system is going to care for everybody. ”Sofia de Meyer

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