#49 Business Starts with Nature

Gwyn Jones discusses:

  • How the circular economy model can replace consumerism, and actually help – rather than hurt – business
  • The important lessons can we take from nature, and how we can effectively apply them to social and economic issues
  • How the old business model of maximizing profit is inherently unsustainable and fails to maximize true value for all shareholders
  • The idea of a multi-faceted sustainability that includes social and intellectual capital, as well as the natural environment
  • Alternatives to charity: ways that businesses can give back real value to their communities
  • How to develop mindfulness and discover what is truly important through meditation and interacting with nature

Gwyn Jones is a principal member of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners’ leadership team and drives the ASP’s purpose to connect, challenge and support people to move themselves and society from unsustainable to sustainable practices in their businesses and private lives.

His latest initiative is purpose-led enterprise, which Gwyn leads, and includes a collaboration with B-Lab UK, promoting B-Corps.

Gwyn has been instrumental in the creation of several organisations focused on different aspects of sustainability that include GACSO, Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers, and ASP, Resilient Dorset, a group of senior managers promoting the adoption of social value and natural capital across Dorset public and private sector organisations.

“Find out what you love and nurture it. And set your business up so that it’s also nurturing it. Because why would you want your business to inadvertently be destroying the very things you care about?”Gwyn Jones

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