#47 Circular Economy Benefits Business

Gerrard Fisher, as a partner at QSA, is extraordinarily qualified when it comes to seeking sustainability and creating efficiency. From the personal to the professional, Gerrard embodies the true spirit of circular economy, a bold concept which declares that there should be less waste from the onset, and that “reuse, repair, repurpose and recycle” is the foundation of a new way to mediate impact on the environment.

Join us for a conversation on circular economy, sustainability and why adaptability is absolutely crucial in the age of technology based business and hyper fast business economy. Whether big or small, every company stands to benefit from Fisher’s unique and broadly successful model.

In this episode:

+ Why joining the circular economy model can be a thrilling learning process.

+ Learn how to be a meticulous planner and entrepreneur by switching into the circular economy model.

+ Explore how circular economies can help you gain more assets.

+ Discover how you can apply the circular model to be sustainable in your personal life.

+ Unearth how long term thinking and planning can help you generate profits.

+ Find out how to thrive by adapting and growing alongside the emerging circular economy model.

“The theory of evolution applies as much to businesses as it does to the natural world. It is about the ones that are prepared to adapt and change to the existing situation.”Gerrard Fisher

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