#46 Conscious & Sustainable Marketing

Jo Cruickshank has reinvented how we interact with marketing. Amongst a highly saturated, hit-or-miss industry, her boutique agency, Bare Collective, stands apart by ensuring both clients and the audience get exactly what they are aiming for. With many marketing years notched on her belt, this unique strategist has collected a team of like-minded folks to help create more intimate marketing experiences and all with a solid focus on sustainability.

Time and time again, we witness how big ideas about sustainable practices and methods can indeed come from small start-ups. Like well worn mythologies which have resounded for centuries, a small gesture can have a mighty impact and lasting legacy — so long as the stories we create are designed to resonate and endure.

In this episode:

+ Jo shares her belief in a heart focused business model, as opposed to bottom-line only thinking.

+ How business is a powerful force for change.

+ Jo reveals how transparency and working closely with clients can launch unique, exciting projects.

+ Explore resources to make your marketing stories more meaningful.

+ Discover the true relationship between sustainability and mindfulness.

+ What is the importance of authenticity in every aspect of life?

+ How to operate with an attitude of gratitude toward nature.

+ Unearth how even the smallest community can initiate long term transformation.

“Try and move away from the kind of marketing and the way of doing business that is, at its core, about manipulation or coercion or interruption and let’s try and create brands, brand stories and brand experiences that are fulfilling. ”Jo CruickShanks

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