#51 Healthy, Sustainable Organisations

Alastair Mitchell-Baker talks about:

  • Tricordant’s path to becoming both carbon neutral and a B-corporation
  • Why Tricordant has no central office, and how the work-from-home model is an important and increasingly popular step towards reducing environmental impact
  • The untapped power of employee engagement and autonomy, and how increasing productivity starts with honest conversation and an open ear
  • Whole systems thinking: understanding the interrelationships between people, technology, and environment at all levels of an organization
  • Why effective and sustainable business organization is essentially cooperative and diffuse, NOT top-to-bottom 

Alistair is an experienced organisational leader and consultant who’s Tricordant’s coordinating director. His passion is supporting leaders working through complex strategic and organisational issues using his skills in strategy, organisation design and development.

He draws on many years of senior management experience including as an NHS Trust chief executive and over11 years as an NHS non-executive director. He loves the unique challenge each client’s organisation brings from a small NGO fighting for the rights of indigenous forest peoples to NHS systems navigating complex transformation.

Alastair is the founding director of European Organisation Design Forum and the current treasurer, a previous director of Organisation Design Forum and deputy chair of south central ambulance services NHS foundation trust.

“There is research evidence that shows that jobs where people have a very low level of autonomy and freedom to make their own decisions, their life expectancy is much shorter than people who have jobs where they have high degrees of autonomy and discretion.”
Alastair Mitchell-Baker

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