Healthy, Sustainable Organisations

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As the world becomes more globalized, and as science continues to challenge our perceptions, we gain new insights into the fundamental interconnectedness of just about everything – people, environment, energy, climate, culture, information. In particular, the web of relationships surrounding business and the economy is astoundingly complex and significant. So why are most businesses internally organized as if relationships don’t matter? 

Alastair Mitchell-Baker has something to say about that. Alastair is founding director of Tricordant, a consultancy that for the past 12 years has helped a wide array of companies get organized and take practical steps towards long-term sustainability. His secret to organizational success? Get employees involved and on board. As Alastair himself has said, “When people help come up with solutions, they support them in a way that they don’t if somebody else tells them what to do.”

In this episode:

+ Practicing what you preach: Tricordant’s path to becoming both carbon neutral and a B-corporation

+ Why Tricordant has no central office, and how the work-from-home model is an important and increasingly popular step towards reducing environmental impact

+ The untapped power of employee engagement and autonomy, and how increasing productivity starts with honest conversation and an open ear. 

+ Whole systems thinking: understanding the interrelationships between people, technology, and environment at all levels of an organization. 

+ Alastair shares his African inspirations, a man and a mountain.

+ Why effective and sustainable business organization is essentially cooperative and diffuse, NOT top-to-bottom 

+ Alastair’s recommended techniques and resources for increasing employee engagement

“There is research evidence that shows that jobs where people have a very low level of autonomy and freedom to make their own decisions, their life expectancy is much shorter than people who have jobs where they have high degrees of autonomy and discretion.”
Alastair Mitchell-Baker
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