#52 Practise What You Preach

Despite their best intentions, many individuals still find it difficult to make environmentally-conscious decisions. Whether out of convenience or lack of incentive, people often fail to adopt the practices that by now are common knowledge – utilizing alternative transportation, changing their diet, and turning off the air conditioning. Given how challenging it is to change the habits of individual members of society, one might assume that doing the same at the institutional level is near impossible. In reality, reducing a business’s environmental impact is not only very possible, but financially beneficial as well.

Enter Will Richardson. Will is the managing director of Green Element, a consultancy agency that helps businesses rectify their environmental shortcomings and at the same time reduce expenses. Combining new analytical tools, innovative office technology, and sound financial advice, Green Element provides businesses with practical solutions for their particular environmental goals. Hear why improving a business’s environmental sustainability is, as Will puts it, a ‘no-brainer.’

In this episode:

+ Will’s simple recipe for sustainability: understand where you are and what you’re doing. Only from there can you develop and execute a good plan.

+ Learn how Green Element ‘practices what it preaches’ by going paperless and using alternative transportation to reach clients

+ Green Element’s recent project Compare Your Footprint, the world’s first comprehensive online carbon footprint calculator

+ Will’s future plan to create an exchange network for environmental job-seekers and charities

+ Why psychology, not necessarily money or time, is a significant obstacle to achieving sustainability

+ Will tells us about his business role models, and why company loyalty is an essential resource

“We are completely paper-less. We don’t print anything out. Consultants work off tablets and they write everything down on the screen. “Will Richardson

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