#55 Global Citizenship & Sustainable Travel

Brad Fankel shares:

  • How Flooglebinder gives university students the opportunity to engage in meaningful work and simultaneously broaden their perspective
  • Why small, everyday choices really do matter when it comes to the environment
  • The origin story of Flooglebinder, and its winning formula of science, community, and cultural understanding
  • Why conservationists and researchers need to tailor their message to be taken seriously by non-scientists
  • How travellers can help communities and the environment by supporting local business, and why researchers have a social responsibility towards local people

Brad Frankel, Founder at Flooglebinder never knew what he wanted to do. He loved to travel, loved exploring new place and loved meeting new people but the thought of being able to do this as a job only came to life over the last few years.

Brad studied Marine Biology and has travelled to almost 50 countries. After university Brad ended up in recruitment where he build an average revenue from under 50k per annum to over 1million but his unshakeable passion for travel and purpose led to him leaving to found Flooglebinder in 2016.

Flooglebinder’s mission is to ‘make better people’ by creating a range of travel and conservation projects that allow young people to develop themselves and gain valuable experience to help with both employment and university opportunities.

Flooglebinder believes that adventures are the best way to learn – and that if you want to make a difference, you need to expand your horizons and be the change.

“If we don’t start to make these changes, it’s really simple. These places won’t continue to be there. These species won’t continue to be there for us to observe and enjoy.”Brad Fankel

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