#56 Learning from Nature

Michel Wolfstirn discusses:

  • How a focus on ‘function’ cuts through jargon and lets scientists, engineers, and businesses understand one another
  • How preservation is a stopgap method, and that ultimately we should learn to grow with and be a part of nature
  • How the circular economy model treats waste as an economic resource
  • Why nature is not all about competition (and why we should take nature documentaries with a grain of salt)
  • How to ask the right questions when it comes to biomimicry, and some recommended design tools 

Michel Wolfstirn is the co-founder of BiomimicryNorway, an organization that aims at spreading knowledge about biomimicry and promoting its practice in Scandinavia.

After having spent 8 years as a mechanical engineer in the oil industry, Michel felt the need to balance his karma and together with Nina Havermans started BiomimicryNorway early 2015.

Together they are offering workshops and consulting services related to biomimicry and the circular economy to both academia and the industry.

“In order to be resilient, we need a diversity of industries and I want those industries to be within sustainability.”Michel Wofstirn

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