#63 Collaboration and Sustainable Impact

Marco Nannini shares:

  • The fundamental difference between a conventional and a high-impact business is not in the way they operate; it’s in where they place their values
  • Why the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy should be questioned when it comes to sustainable business
  • How being coherent about your business’s underlying values will help you avoid the mistake of sacrificing impact for the sake of cost
  • Two-for-one: How a popular shoe company thought outside of the box (literally), simultaneously cutting costs and reducing waste
  • Why high ROI and high impact are no longer mutually exclusive in the venture capital market
  • Where philanthropy falls short: why creating positive change in the world is as much about empowerment as it is about giving.

Marco Nannini is CEO of Impact Hub Milan Incubator Certificate, and Senior Advisor to FabriQ, the Social Innovation Incubator of the Municipality of Milan.

He is also a partner and member of the Italian Angels for Growth screening committee (IAG), the first Italian group of business angels, and President of Ban-Up, advisory companies and investment for startups.

Marco has twenty years of experience in Strategy and Management Consulting in the leading companies such as The Boston Consulting Group and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Co-founder and member of the Board Almostthere, startups in the wellness & sports industry. Marco was also Co-founder and President of GS4C, an innovative startup that deals with environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

After graduating in Economics at Bocconi University, he has deepened its management studies thanks to some executive programs at INSEAD. He is Chairman of the Association Riccardo Nannini.

“There are studies that show that it is possible to have return on investment if you do some impact investment or if you invest in something that has a positive impact.”Marco Nannini

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