Making Business Human

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There’s an old saying: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Many of the systems that we engage with—such as business—are built and operated according to good intentions. However, it often seems like these systems fall short of their ideals. Worse yet, they can end up dehumanizing the very people they set out to provide value for. There must be a better way to transform those intentions into reality.

Meet Christophe Fauconnier, CEO of Innate Motion and a board member of African Drive, in/PACT, and B Corp Europe. Good people do bad things because they are caught in dehumanizing systems. Christophe’s objective is to re-humanize the business world and enable good people to simply be good. In this episode, hear how Innate Motion and other organizations bring the human element back into business through smart marketing and operational strategies.

In this episode:

+ How Christophe’s upbringing in apartheid South Africa and subsequent studies in psychology and marketing inspired him to create Innate Motion

+ The social and economic success of African Drive, a company dedicated to improving the availability and safety of transportation in the country of Benin

+ Why underlining the human aspects of a business proposal is critical for attracting investors

+ The Cartesian mind-trap: how adopting an overly rationalized view of the world makes us blind to the big picture

+ No borders, no bosses, no bricks: how technology and personal connection combine to form Innate Motion’s operational structure

+ “Nature is normally a place where you can become humble again, and yet full of joy.” Christophe’s stargazing experiences in South Africa, and his own take on what sustainability means

+ The human ecosystem: ways people and businesses can help each other unlock their capacity to create value

“When you dare to care you become more innovative, you have a greater empathic capacity, you can become more community and customer-oriented because you see them as people and by doing that you can see opportunities for creating value.”Christophe Fauconnier
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