#61 Making Sustainability a Game

Ever feel overwhelmed by everything happening in the world? It’s all too easy to conclude that our individual actions—whether it’s saving water and energy, recycling, or using alternative transportation—are more symbolic than actually effective.

But if we had a way to accurately measure our impact, and that of all our friends and coworkers, we would see that small actions really do add up. New tools are emerging that let us do exactly that.

MarLa Burgener is the founder of Green Go Web, a B Corp certified company that is using interactive apps to collect data about sustainability habits.

That data is then used to generate metrics and inform corporate management decisions, like compliance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Hear how gamification is a game-changer for sustainability in the business world.

In this episode:

+ Marla’s firsthand account of how global warming is drastically changing the environment and economy of her native Switzerland

+ How one event, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, pivoted Marla’s perspective on sustainability and steered her towards the development of Green Go Web
Green Go Web’s ‘lean and green’ operation: how they reduce waste and make their ‘nomad’ office work by moving close to their clients

+ How gamification can break the ‘silo effect’ of climate change and cut through misinformation and mixed messages

+ How Green Go Web’s app empowers individuals at every level of an organization to make better choices by showing the cumulative effect of small actions

+ “There’s no sustainable development without the people and the company being sustainable themselves.” Why recycling and more sustainable production are important, but not enough in themselves

+ Gamification as a way to provide metrics and develop Corporate Social Responsibility strategies

“I believe there’s no sustainable development without the people in a company being sustainable themselves.”MarLa Burgener

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