Mindful Change by Choice

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Philip Cox-Hynd highlights to Tabi Jayne the role mindfulness plays in making positive change in an organisation.

In this Episode Tabi discusses with Philip how choosing change is an important choice for businesses wishing to grow and in move in a sustainable direction, and how mindfulness is part of any change management strategy. They also talk about how to combine mindfulness and inner understanding to create engagement and allow positive change.

Philip Cox-Hynd is the co-founder of consultancy business Harley Young. Philip is a seasoned business consultant, author and mindfulness expert who specialises in combining hard-nosed business thinking with key concepts in mindfulness in order to drive positive change in organisations.

Philip’s expertise in business combined with a unique insight into human development led to him becoming a strategic and cultural change management expert. Through his company, Harley Young, Philip has designed and implemented growth-led change programs for large and small corporations such as Barclays, Pfizer, Microsoft, Arup and Ella’s Kitchen.

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“For me, it’s about working seamlessly between the business of a business, the hardware of a business and the human dynamic part and creating a level of understanding that links the two. Mindfulness is the key I’ve used to straddle those two, often separate, universes.”Philip Cox-Hynd
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