#73 Mindful Change by Choice

Philip Cox-Hynd talk about:

  • The role mindfulness plays in making positive change in an organisation
  • How choosing change is an important choice for businesses wishing to grow and in move in a sustainable direction 
  • Why mindfulness is part of any change management strategy. 

Philip Cox-Hynd is the co-founder of consultancy business Harley Young. Philip is a seasoned business consultant, author and mindfulness expert who specialises in combining hard-nosed business thinking with key concepts in mindfulness in order to drive positive change in organisations.

Philip’s expertise in business combined with a unique insight into human development led to him becoming a strategic and cultural change management expert. Through his company, Harley Young, Philip has designed and implemented growth-led change programs for large and small corporations such as Barclays, Pfizer, Microsoft, Arup and Ella’s Kitchen.

“For me, it’s about working seamlessly between the business of a business, the hardware of a business and the human dynamic part and creating a level of understanding that links the two. Mindfulness is the key I’ve used to straddle those two, often separate, universes.”Philip Cox-Hynd

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