#86 Human Data for Global Transformation

Wayne Clancy talks about:

  • How gathering data on the way people think can help create less conflict
  • Why you need to understand where you get your thinking from
  • The benefits of inviting people to be part of the design process for business & community innovation
  • How collaborative thinking can happen in only five minutes a day
  • Why data is the starting point for powerful conversations about possibilities

Wayne Clancy is the Founder of Future Strategies Inc. FSI has over 30 years of experience, helping organizations, communities, not for profits, governments and individuals measure, track and monitor the quality of their key relationships with the ultimate outcome of helping people collaborate to co-create a future full of possibilities.

Wayne is a creator and inventor who brings together technology, data and individuals to collaborate on initiatives designed to make the world a better place. Wayne is also involved with many philanthropic initiatives aimed at helping ‘people work better together.


When you think about a million people contributing 5 minutes of thinking, that is a lot more than you can get out of a few leaders who want to control a particular environment. In a community environment it’s not that difficult to start to get that type of collaboration. In a team environment you have hundreds of people all thinking about how do we improve our organisation. 5 minutes a day is more than what’s currently being applied to [collaborative] thinking.Wayne Clancy