#90 Expert Special: Resilience in a Sustainable World

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The first of our expert special podcasts where we bring you experts in key skills for your sustainable success!

Learn from Kate:

  • How the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) impacts our physiology and ability to be resilient
  • What you can do to be aware of the changes in your ANS
  • The benefits of learning to control your ANS

Kate is a lead consultant at the Centre for Resilience at the University of Westminster in London. She is a Resilience trainer and coach and has co-designed resilience programmes and coaching interventions that have supported hundreds of clients in the commercial sector and the NHS.

She is the co-creator of the Centre’s ResilienceLab 360 assessment; an innovative tool that looks at all different aspects of a client’s resilience from their physiology to their biochemistry, beliefs and environment.  Kate believes, supported by the data, that being human is actually what can really help – and it’s her mission to share this with people using science and stories of humanness.

Kate is also about to launch her own consultancy called Human (R)evolution.  It’s vision is to influence the influencers and drive positive change.

“You need to play, you need to create, you need to be in nature, you need to have awe and excitement about the world. You need to connect with people, you need to be compassionate with yourself. You need to know it’s OK that one day you’re going to be in a grumpy mood and feel bad, and the next day you’re going to be really happy and smiley, and that still makes you OK.” Kate Fismer
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