#87 The Power of Urban Farms

Tobias Pegg, CEO of SquareRoots talks about:

  • How growing food locally can change the disconnection if the current food system.
  • Why changing population demographics are increasing the need for urban farms
  • What the sustainable impact of the technology used in indoor urban farms is
  • How the Square Roots’ business model is impacting the local community and young entrepreneurial farmers.
  • How local farms can help reduce our carbon footprint, produce more nutritious food and bring trust back into the food system.

Tobias is cofounder and CEO at Square Roots – the urban farming and entrepreneurship platform, headquartered in Brooklyn, NYC. He was previously CEO at Aviary, a mobile photo editing company (acquired by Adobe); and CEO at OneRiot, a social media analytics company (acquired by Walmart).

Tobias has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Cardiff University in his native UK. He is a Techstars mentor, competitive triathlete, snowboarder, and insatiable foodie.



“In the US, in many of our cities, there is a 35% childhood obesity rate and that’s not something those kids have chosen to do to themselves. That’s just a lack of access to healthy, nutritious, locally grown food.”
Tobias Pegg
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