#96 100% efficacy against malaria

Howard Carter from Incognito shares:

  • The journey behind developing a 100% efficacy all-natural mosquito repellent

  • What the benefits are to people and planet of using natural ingredients

  • Why environmental and social principles are a priority for Incognito

  • The need to balance profit and impact to grow your business

  • The challenges of engaging with multiple markets in different countries

Howard Carter is the creator of incognito® – a 100% effective insect repellent made from only natural ingredients.

In 1998, on a journey to India, Howard contracted malaria despite taking both anti-malarial tablets and using a Deet based insect repellent. 6 months later during another trip to Asia Howard contracted Dengue Fever from insect bites.

These experiences motivated Howard to create an insect repellent that truly worked. After years of research, incognito® was finally launched in 2007. incognito® was founded upon principles of environmental and social sustainability and trades fairly with everyone. incognito® is a multi-award winning brand and was recognised for its work in Sustainable Development by the Queens Award in 2015.

“Our business is also sustainable, because without making a profit, we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do which is grow and give 10% of our profits to charities every year.”Howard Carter

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