#102: Expert Special: Culture in a Sustainable World

Marit Imeland Gjesme, Founder of CultureCatch shares:

  • Why misunderstanding culture in an organisation is bad health economics
  • How multi-cultural teams can lead to sustainable high performance
  • What leaders can do to lead successful multi-cultural high performing teams
  • The importance of understanding the cultural difference of organisational values
  • Why you need to understand different cultures to be a successful leader
“We can’t understand other cultures until we are willing to take a look at ourselves and think, “Ok, how do I come forward? How do I look with the eyes of the other? Why don’t I achieve exactly what I want? Why do I create misunderstandings? I’m the only one who can change that. To change my style to be willing to adapt and adjust.” Not in the way of playing down your own culture or not being proud of it but in a way that gives respect to other cultures.”
Marit Imeland Gjesme

Marit Imeland-Gjesme, a globally working Norwegian, is an experienced leadership trainer, team facilitator and coach, educated in psychology and cultures. She provides cross-cultural training services across industries and business areas, for global or internationally aspiring companies. Marit’s also shares her experiences of training people from more than 100 cultures through speaking at various international conferences and events.

With a 25 years long career in both academia and business, Marit has developed the key concept of “cultural agility”, which enables you to navigate, work healthy together and achieve results across cultures. Based on knowledge and the world-renowned Lewis-model, her consultancy brand CultureCatch helps companies build practical roadmaps for solving cultural challenges and creating winning teams across geography and organizational culture.

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