#101: A New Vision for the Sea

Inventor and entrepreneur, Peter Tsu talks about:

  • The inspiration behind his invention, the Ecological Artificial Barrier Reef
  • How the Ecological Artificial Barrier Reef generates energy
  • What the benefits of this are for local coastal communities
  • How it can help create new economic opportunities
  • The challenges of taking this from conception to fully working
“When it hits 2030 the population will grow so where are these people going to live? Urbanisation causes a lot of problems because cities are not designed for so many people living in them…what we can do is create a new kind of environment where the coastal areas can provide people with what they need.” Peter Tsu

By harnessing the untapped potential of the ocean, Peter Tse, has invented a way to generate and store renewable energy while protecting coastal areas.

His Ecological Artificial Barrier Reef – is a game changer which can both help reverse the impact of climate change and meet an ever-increasing global demand for energy.

The founder and CEO of CPE Global Limited is a successful UK-based restaurant entrepreneur. Growing up in Hong Kong, he lived and worked on the family’s coastal farm and it was this sustainable way of life that inspired his invention.

His ground-breaking patented process combines tried and tested existing technologies in a new way.

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