#103: Sustainable Websites

Tom Greenwood, CEO of Wholegrain Digital talks about:

  • The importance of ensuring your business focuses on customer need

  • The power of business as a force for good

  • Why it’s key to ensure that all employees, projects and clients are aligned with your values

  • Why doing business from your values takes courage and bravery

  • The steps you can take to make your website more sustainable

“More data uses more energy. It uses energy in the data centre itself. Data centres use huge amounts of energy. A typical data centre uses the energy of a medium sized town but you wouldn’t know it because it’s just a warehouse.”
Tom Greenwood

Tom is the Managing Director of Wholegrain Digital, a certified B Corporation that he founded with his wife Vineeta in 2007 with the aim of helping good people benefit from good design.

He is a believer that business and design can be used as a tool for positive change and is on mission to not just create a truly sustainable business but to help green the internet.

In his spare time he has an unhealthy obsession with natural health and likes to run barefoot around the woods.

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