#105: Humanity 101

Dr Neal Lester, Founder of Project Humanities talks about:

  • The value of humanities and how it can create transformation in our workplaces and communities

  • Why the seven principles of humanity 101 are essential for success

  • How recognising that we’re different can help create more productive workplaces

  • What our unconscious biases are and why it’s key to explore them in the workplace

  • The power of self-reflection as a tool to help develop our humanity
“I can’t control necessarily how my legislators vote. I can’t control how my policy makers think. But what I can do is say, “I may not be able to do it in this space, but here’s where I am doing some action. Here is where I’m trying to give back, and to recognise that I am one in this huge, huge spectrum of people trying to make the world better. And also trying to leave the world a better place.”

Dr Neal Lester

Dr. Neal A. Lester. is a Foundation Professor of English and the Founding Director of Project Humanities at Arizona State University. A popular public speaker, frequent radio guest, regular op-ed contributor, newspaper columnist and blogger, and discussion facilitator, Dr. Lester has an extensive record of lectures and keynote addresses, local and national media interviews, guest speaker events, scholarly consultations, conference presentations, and editorials.

He is the author, editor, or co-author of 8 scholarly books, has written nearly 30 scholarly essays for a range of academic journals, received local, national and international acclaim for his lectures and keynotes, been interviewed by over 100 radio and television media outlets throughout the nation and been nominated for and/or received nearly 50 honours and awards for his public scholarship and professional service.

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