#106: Renewable Energy from Kites

Simon Heyes, CEO from KPS shares:

  • Where the idea of kites generating energy came from
  • How existing technology is leveraged in the production of “energy kites”
  • Why kites can reduce the cost of producing renewable energy
  • The benefits of using kites to create renewable energy
  • The process to move an early stage conceptual idea into a fully sustainable and commercial business
“What is really different about our technology is the ability to get the cost right down, but to have a system which is entirely sustainable and has no carbon emissions with it.”

Simon Heyes

Simon Heyes has worked in the energy sector for over 25 years.  He was appointed Chief Executive of KPS in July 2017 and before KPS he held senior management positions at both SSE and Infinis.

Simon is a chartered mechanical engineer. He has managed development and construction teams on some of the largest British onshore wind farms now in operation – including Clyde, Griffin, Gordonbush and Galawhistle.

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