#110 Creating New Possibilities for Your Life and Business

Ian Percy from The Ian Percy Corporation:

  • The ways we experience the world and how this impacts our ability to create possibilities

  • Why we need to become future focused in order to create new possibilities

  • How we all have the potential to tap into a world of possibilities

  • The seven principles of possibilities thinking

  • What you can do today to bring more possibilities into your life and business today

Ian Percy, an organisational psychologist by formal education, is widely regarded as a possibility expert.  His clients and colleagues frequently refer to and access his uncanny ability to see game-changing possibilities others don’t see and turn them into profitable new realities.

He has worked globally in a variety of industries including technology companies, government ministries, professional services, education, manufacturing, finance and insurance, agriculture and retail operations.  Major companies such as KMPG, Royal Bank of Canada and UNIFI retained his services for multiple years.

Ian is also the author of seven books and a gifted corporate speaker who has presented to audiences around the world and was inducted into both the USA and Canadian Speaker Halls of Fame.  Successful Meetings magazine declared him “one of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century”.

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