#109 Increasing Our Capacity for Sustainable Innovation

Alison Azaria, founder of Fetch shares:

  • Why we need to innovate new ways of living and being for the future
  • The potential for collaboration between start-ups and corporate
  • What the challenges are for corporates to successfully innovate
  • How start-ups and corporates can successfully collaborate
  • How Fetch can help accelerate this collaboration

Alison is a multilingual international sustainability professional who spent the last decade working with companies on becoming more responsible and sustainable. After years of experience working with large corporations and SMEs in helping companies develop their sustainability, sustainable innovation sourcing and stakeholder engagement strategy , she found a need for a place where innovators can connect with global companies and help drive both the companies’ and the global sustainability agenda.  

In May 2018, Alison founded Fetch, a digital platform that helps companies create a better world and planet through their business operations. By connecting sustainability and social innovators with corporate organizations, fetch hopes to help companies contribute to not only reaching its own sustainability goals but fulfilling United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Fetch believes that innovation is the key driver to building a sustainable future.

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