#112 Making Technology Last

Schad Eidam, Global Facilities Manager of Park Place Technologies shares:

  • How to be both sustainable and profitable in business
  • The benefits of making technology last as long as possible
  • Why the energy footprint of data centres is getting smaller
  • How technology can help us take better care of the environment and save money
  • Why honesty and transparency can drive your business forward

As Global Facilities Manager, Schad is responsible for managing and maintaining Park Place Technologies’ sites (sales offices, distribution centers and operations centers) throughout the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  As a seasoned veteran at Park Place, Schad brings an understanding of the business and a willingness to always move the needle. Prior to Park Place, Schad served in the United States Coast Guard and was a Preload Supervisor for United Parcel Service.

In his spare time, Schad enjoys swimming, gardening, home improvement and his dog Fritz.  Schad also enjoys the theater, spirited conversation, boating and youth mentoring. Schad is a graduate of Concordia University at Irvine and has been happily married for 14 years.

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