#116 Become a Better Leader by Partnering with Horses

Join Julia Felton, Chief Challenge Officer at Business Horsepower to discover:

  • The 3 ways horses can help us develop our leadership capacity;
  • How horse can help us create high-performing teams;
  • Why experiential learning with horses positively impacts the workplace;
  • Why you need to get clear on your purpose – and how horses can help you do this;
  • How horses can help you align your business strategy with what’s important for you

With over 25 years corporate experience, Julia Felton, aka The Business Wrangler, is the Chief Challenge Officer at Business Horse Power Ltd, training and development company dedicated to supporting businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit to grow and become more productive and profitable. Uniquely, she partners with her herd of horses to help businesses to align their plans, people and processes.

By harnessing the principles of the herd, she works to identify the bottlenecks in the business, create high performance teams and harness leadership skills to enable companies to succeed in the fast paced ever changing world that is the 21st century.

Through experiential workshops, executive coaching and mentoring she encourages business leaders to challenge the status quo and step out of their comfort zone to see things from another perspective. She believes business can be improved through leveraging the wisdom of horses and applying the laws of nature where there is no wasted time, energy and resources.

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