#117 The link between extreme sports and sustainable business

Extreme sports and natural well-being expert Eric Brymer shares:

  • How extreme sports can help you to understand the natural world better;
  • The benefits for yourself, your business and the planet that come from extreme sports;
  • What you can learn from extreme sports that can help you become a better leader;
  • Why extreme sports can help you deepen your relationship with the natural world;
  • The power of adventure and how you can bring it into your life today

Eric Brymer is an academic and life coach specialising in understanding and developing high performance skills and wellbeing outcomes.

As a researcher he focuses on investigating extreme sport and the role of the environment for wellbeing. Eric’s expertise includes qualitative and mixed methods research design.

He holds a PhD, a Master’s degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology and post graduate degrees in Education and Business. He also holds research positions at Leeds Beckett University, UK, Queensland University of Technology, Australia and the University of Cumbria, UK.

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