#119 Pursuing Excellence in Business for People, Planet and Profit

Join Ann Pike, Head of Business Development at Quality Scotland to find out more about:

  • The link between excellence in business and people, planet, profit;
  • The benefits of pursuing excellence in business;
  • Why it’s important for Quality Scotland to lead by example and how it achieves this;
  • The global network of excellence and how you can connect into it;
  • The importance of linking business development to achieving global well-being.

Ann Pike is the Head of Business Development for Quality Scotland, helping Private, Public and Third sector organisations deliver organisational excellence. She provides expertise in all aspects of organisational management including: developing business strategy; preparing and delivering business activity plans; benchmarking; research; improvement planning and implementation; budget management; relationship management and event organisation. Ann is experienced in providing a wide range of business improvement services across traditional and new social media channels and is strong on delivery and ensuring business objectives/outcomes are met. Her background is in Financial Services specialising in Customer Services for all types of products and services.

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