#120 Seasonal Special: Winter Celebration and Forward Planning

Join Tabi Jayne, Founder of EarthSelf for this guided exercise to:

  • Tap into the beauty of the aurora borealis;
  • Find peace in the midst of winter choas;
  • Celebrate your achievements for the year;
  • Identify the emotion to drive your winter forward and;
  • Discover the essential activities you need to do to keep you sane this season.

With nearly a decade’s experience in delivering nature connected solutions in a variety of public, private and third sector settings, Tabi is passionate about connecting both humans and business to the natural world for greater well-being, performance and success in the transition to a sustainable world.

Tabi is recognised as an expert in nature connected coaching and facilitation and has interns from around the world who come to learn more about nature connected coaching and training. In 2016, at the request of her clients, she started training individuals in her unique approaches to optimise personal and professional development through engaging with and connecting to the natural world.

She has two Masters; one in Applied Ecopsychology and another in Professional Development: Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology.

Tabi is also a certified professional coach who has been integrating nature connection and coaching into EarthSelf’s own Nature Connected Coaching Methodology since she first started her own business in 2010.

Tabi is also a published author and the creator of The Nature Process®, a simple way of being in the body and experiencing the natural world through the senses.

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