#123 Big Business Doing Good

Join Deanna Bratter, Director of Sustainable Development to find out more about:

  • Why Danone North America took on the commitment to become a B Corporation;
  • The ways in which the organisation were inspired to improve as a result;
  • Why you need evidence to support your claim that you’re doing good in business;
  • How Danone North America is bringing their vision of ‘One Planet, One Health’ to life;
  • The collaborative action Danone North America is taking to make food packaging sustainable and circular.

Deanna Bratter is the Director of Sustainable Development for Danone North America and drives the vision and leadership of Danone North America’s sustainability efforts. Prior to Danone North America, Deanna led Sustainable Development for WhiteWave Foods where she was instrumental in driving WhiteWave’s sustainability initiatives, and helping the company create a values-driven culture. In her current role she is responsible for developing and integrating sustainability strategies and goals to accelerate Danone North America’s profitable growth journey. Deanna strives to integrate her personal passion for making the world a better place through leadership, education, innovation with her dedication to enhancing the potential held by companies successfully engaged in sustainability.

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