#121 The Business Case for Circular Economy

Join Robert-Jan van Ogtrop, founder of Circle Economy and Natural Leadership to discover:

  • How the African bush became a catalyst for resolving a complex business challenge;
  • The financial ROI of investing in the circular economy;
  • The trillion dollar circular economy opportunity;
  • How the circular economy could contribute toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and;
  • The importance of being able to scale circular economy solutions.

Robert-Jan is a former CEO of Bols Royal Distilleries and subsequently CEO of Remy Cointreau who was also an industrial partner at CVC Capital Partners. He is now an active investor in a number of renewable energy/clean tech companies (E2, Ledzworld, Cautha).

Furthermore he is trying to combine his experience in the business world with his activities regarding nature conservation and business development in Africa and Europe.

As a Board member of the Wilderness Leadership School, Wilderness Foundation, BiD Network, the chairman of TBL Mirror Fund, African Parks, and as a founder of Foundation for Natural Leadership and Circle Economy he practices what he has been preaching. “We do not really have any choice. We cannot continue to go ahead, exploiting the natural resources of our planet as if they were infinite nor using a linear growth model that produces enormous amounts of waste which inevitably will destroy our quality of life. It is time to use our collective intelligence to redesign our way of working with nature as inspiration since it is, in itself, a perfect ‘circle economy’.”

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