#124 Tourism for Sustainable Economic Development

Join Valeria Duflot, co-founder of Venezia Authentica to discover:

  • The impact of unsustainable tourism on the local economy;
  • The difference between “day tourism” and “conscious tourism”;
  • How tourism can be a vehicle for sustainable economic development;
  • The need for social enterprise to balance money and mission;
  • Why the right partnerships are key to a successful social enterprise.

Valeria is co-founder and ideator of Venezia Autentica. An entrepreneur from an early age, she believes in the power of community and goodness. After consulting and leadership positions in industries such as health, innovation, hospitality, and entertainment, she realized the importance of strong business ethics and people-centered services and policies. Convinced that ethical businesses can be powerful motors of positive impact, she envisioned, Venezia Autentica, a people-powered way to save Venice and the Venetians in early 2015.

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