#130: An Innovative Solution to End Poverty

Join Mike Freni from Kumbaya to discover:

  • How Kumbaya created a solution that addressed the power, connectivity and knowledge challenges faced by those in the most rural parts of the world
  • Why the three pillars of healthcare, education and farming are key to helping people out of poverty and the importance of partnerships in bringing this solution to scale
  • The challenges faced in bringing power, connectivity and knowledge to rural parts of the world and the opportunities it creates
  • The need to educate people to understand the potential growth and opportunities within the African continent and its future role within our global economy
  • How to think about the long-term sustainability of your solution – both for the business and the customers

Mike Freni is CEO/Chairman of Kumbaya Inc who is creating Innovative IoT Solutions to End Poverty and enable Gaining Knowledge Access. Kumbaya developed zeroXess, a solar-powered home energy and communications platform that is affordable, reliable and sustainable, to ensure there is always electricity, light, connectivity, and access to the information of the world. All achieved while adhering to Kumbaya’s core values of integrity, transparency, sustainability, and data-driven analytical decision-making.

Mike excels in critical thinking and ideas that ultimately lead to new industry innovations. “An active member of the UN Global Compact and a vocal supporter of emerging market impact organizations, Mike is the humanitarian business visionary behind Kumbaya and its mission to Connect the Unconnected. Mike’s passion for bettering the world for all its inhabitants, his three decades of global business experience, and his vast network of friends and colleagues around the world are the perfect storm to inspire a sea change in the global alternative power and connectivity markets.

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